Our Team

Our highly educated team has years of experience in business, finance, banking and real estate investment. One of our managing partners has a degree in finance and an MBA, an impressive corporate career where he was promoted seven times in the last six years and a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio that he built from scratch. Our other partner has 21 years of experience in the banking industry where he has reviewed and underwritten over $630 million in commercial loans. Our many advisers have thousands of multifamily units worth hundreds of millions of dollars and have successfully executed several full cycles value-add multifamily syndication projects.

Sterling Chapman, President, Managing Partner

Sterling is a proud family man with a Bachelors degree in Finance and an MBA from Louisiana State University. He spent his early career in the financial services industry focusing on retirement and insurance planning before eventually transitioning to the Telcom industry. Through his successful corporate career in Telcom, Sterling has mastered the art and science of sales, funnel management, marketing, account management, strategic business planning and financial forecasting. He began his real estate investing journey in early 2018 purchasing single-family houses and quickly moved up to duplexes and fourplexus. Sterling has over $8M in Assets under management and his portfolio now consist of 46 single family or small Multifamily rental units and a 53 unit apartment complex. Self managing and overseeing the renovations personally for the first two years has taught Sterling a ton about the industry. In addition to having been interviewed as an industry expert on 14 different podcasts, he has a podcast of his own, The Rent Roll Radio Show where he has personally interviewed over 100 industry experts.

Andrew Brough, Director of Acquisition, Managing Partner

Andrew Brough has been an active real estate investor for three years with current ownership in 275 multi-family units (53 units as a GP and 222 units as a LP). He has worked in the banking industry for 22 years, commercial lending for 16 years. He is currently a Commercial Loan Officer and manages a large commercial loan portfolio of over $160 million. Throughout his career he has reviewed/underwritten over $720 million in commercial loans. He has a solid background in deal negotiations, underwriting, client relations, and market analysis. He has originated construction, bridge, and long-term real estate loans secured by all the major asset types. He is happily married with five children and is from Northern Utah. He graduated from Weber State University with a degree in Business Administration.

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Gody Khambatta, Advisory Board Member

Gody works as a biochemist conducting small molecule drug  discovery research for cancer and inflammation targets. As he  does in his career, Gody applies his guiding principle of “doing  well by doing good” to his real estate investing where he  provides creative initiatives such as mini-scholarships and  community lunch-and-learns for his tenants to make his  investments a win-win for all involved. 

Gody currently oversees over $15M in multifamily assets under  his ownership or control. He is the sole owner of 95 units  including a 54-unit property in Ohio. He is also the lead sponsor  and majority owner of two other 60+ unit apartment complexes  in Kansas City and Greenville, Texas, along with various other  real estate ventures including performing notes and agricultural  investments. He has experience with both Fannie Mae and  Freddie Mac SBL loans in his current portfolio. 

Brian Brisco, Advisory Board Member

Brian Briscoe is a Co-Founder of Four Oaks Capital, Host of the Diary of an Apartment Investor podcast and Lieutenant Colonel in the USMC. Brian and his partners at Four Oaks have acquired and now manage a multifamily portfolio valued at approximately $30 million. Brian has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Utah, and a Master’s in International Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School. 

Brian has a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to share and we are blessed to have him as an advisor.