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At Crestworth Capital we believe that there is more to life than just going to work and paying the bills. We truly believe that what we do at our core is give our investors their time back to spend it doing what they love with who they love. The passive income provided from cash-flowing real estate gives us freedom, flexibility, and security today while the huge equity gains of our projects make an early retirement a reality for tomorrow.

We Help Small Business Owners and Busy Professionals earn enough passive Income from Real Estate to Live the Life of Their Dreams

Our core values are centered around long-term relationship building, always leaving something on the table, being easy to do business with and having an ego free meritocracy where we promote lifestyle freedom to everyone. Relationships are at the core of everything we do. Our relationships with our families, our partners, our investors and our employees are never sacrificed for profit. We always leave something on the table; we don’t squeeze every dime out of every seller, we don’t pay vendors as little as possible and we pay our employees more than we have to. Our intention is to build long term relationships out of loyalty and respect where everyone wins and wants to keep doing business together. Our organization is a meritocracy where great ideas are rewarded, and egos are left at the door. We promote lifestyle freedom to everyone (redundant with first sentence). This organization was born out of the realization that I didn’t want to punch a clock for the next 40 years and I don’t expect anyone else to either. Our returns allow both our investors to achieve lifestyle and financial freedom and provide a top-of-market earnings opportunity for our employees.
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Sterling Chapman

Sterling Chapman,
President, Managing Partner

Sterling is a proud family man with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA from Louisiana State University.

He spent his early career in the financial services industry focusing on retirement and insurance planning before eventually transitioning to the Telcom industry.

Through his successful corporate career in Telcom, Sterling has mastered the art and science of sales, funnel management, marketing, account management, strategic business planning and financial forecasting. He began his real estate investing journey in early 2018 purchasing single-family houses and quickly moved up to duplexes and fourplexes, flipping houses and eventually large multifamily.

Sterling has over $26.5M in Assets under management and his portfolio now consists of 82 single family or small multifamily rental units, a 53 unit apartment complex in Newnan, GA and a 70 unit complex in Rock Hill, SC.

Self-managing and overseeing the renovations personally for the first few years has taught Sterling a ton about the industry. In addition to founding Crestworth Capital, he is also the Host of The Rent Roll Radio Show, Co-host of the Red Stick REIA and has been featured as an industry expert on dozens of other real estate podcasts.


Brian Brisco,
Advisory Board Member

Brian Briscoe is a Co-Founder of Four Oaks Capital, Host of the Diary of an Apartment Investor podcast and Lieutenant Colonel in the USMC. Brian and his partners at Four Oaks have acquired and now manage a multifamily portfolio valued at approximately $30 million. Brian has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of Utah, and a Master’s in International Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School.

Brian has a wealth of experience, knowledge and wisdom to share and we are blessed to have him as an advisor.


Gody Khambatta,
Advisory Board Member

With a background as a research scientist doing drug discovery research in the Biotech industry, Gody started investing 20 years ago as a way to build passive income. In 2007 he bought his first multifamily property in Ohio. Since then he has slowly refined and grown his own portfolio of properties. In 2016 he started doing syndicated deals and expanding his network and scale with larger multifamily properties.

Gody currently oversees over $50M in multifamily assets under his direct ownership or control. His experience in multifamily ownership over 15 years have given him keen insight and strategies into acquiring and managing assets and making deals a win-win for all parties involved. He believes in “doing well by doing good” and sees multifamily ownership as a great way to make a positive impact on communities and give back and foster great experiences for tenants.

Annie Dickerson

Annie Dickerson,
Advisory Board Member

Goodegg Investments has syndicated 8,000+ multifamily units, worth over $1B. As a real estate investment company, they focus on preserving and growing investor capital by identifying conservative investment opportunities that are acquired and managed by experienced partners who have a proven track record of success. Through this process, investors leverage their knowledge, expertise, and relationships within the multifamily apartment space.

Annie Dickerson, co-founder and COO at Goodegg Investments, has invested in multifamily real estate since 2008. Her current portfolio spans multiple markets around the country and includes both active and passive investments. Annie specializes in strategic brand initiatives, investor education, and marketing.

Annie is a co-creator of the Real Estate Accelerator Mentorship Program and the Passive Real Estate Investor Academy, co-host of the Life and Money Show podcast, and co-author of the book Investing For Good: How To Build Wealth While Also Making An Impact. Annie graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and currently lives in Oakland, CA, with her husband and two boys.

Annie Dickerson